Smooth, Reliable and Dispatchable Integration of PV in EU grids


SERENDI-PV will develop advanced PV modelling, simulation and design tools, develop data analytics for fault diagnostics, improved operation and maintenance, as well as lab- and field-testing quality control equipment and procedures for better assessment of the reliability of PV components and systems.

SERENDI-PV will research innovative solar integrations, such as BIPV (building integrated photovoltaics)


Overview of the project

SERENDI-PV is a four-year, 12 million Euro project funded by the European Commission working to advance the energy transition in Europe through:
• Improving the lifetime, reliability, performance & profitability of PV generation
• Increasing the penetration of PV generation in the European grid with improved stability.

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New PV systems

bifacial, floating, BIPV

New PV systems

SERENDI-PV will deal with specific issues of new PV systems by developing a set of dedicated solutions.

For bifacial PV plants, the project will develop specific data analytics algorithms to address albedo and rear soiling diagnosis in order to detect soiling, that requires cleaning maintenance such as cleaning the ground or the rear face of modules. Also, the project will address the detection of the snow appearance and the long trend degradation processes (aging).

Similarly, floating PV plants will be dealt with questions about module temperature as well as module movements due to waves. In addition, a specific lab testing protocol will be developed for the evaluation of the ageing and degradation behaviour of PV modules in a floating environment. 

Concerning PV in the building environment (BIPV), SERENDI-PV will develop a model using Building Information Model (BIM) as well as data analytics for defect identification considering the particularities of this type of PV installations.

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Value Chain

European Collaboration

SERENDI-PV's value chain includes European wide R&D centers and Universities, technology manufacturers for inverters, PV plant operators that will provide portfolios of small, medium scale and large PV plants; DSO; PV engineers, consultants and ICT developers.

A European platform will be developed that will provide several models for both components and systems, that will foster collaboration and information exchange between the different actors involved in PV quality control, modelling and monitoring and adopt a holistic approach between simulation, monitoring data and lab and field testing in order to reach a deeper understanding of the long-term energy modelling of the PV systems and aggregation during their whole lifetime.



The Consortium Partners

The SERENDI-PV consortium brings together 19 partners from 7 different European countries (Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Slovakia, Finland, Austria). The consortium covers the whole value chain of PV systems: R&D centres and Universities, specialised DSO, PV plant operators, technology manufacturers for inverters, energy storage and for power control and operation, PV engineers and ICT developers.

The consortium has been built with great care, with a group of excellent partners that brings together the necessary knowledge, competence, experience and critical mass which will ensure the achievement of the objectives and an outstanding impact at European 


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