Here is the list of SERENDI-PV partners' scientific publications:

1. Powering an island energy system by offshore floating technologies towards 100% renewables: A case for the Maldives
2. Lessons learned from simulating the energy yield of an agrivoltaic project with vertical bifacial photovoltaic modules in France
3. Dynamic simulation of the shading cast by a wind farm on an adjacent photovoltaic plant
4. The H2020 R&D Project SERENDI-PV: Innovating towards improved reliability, higher performance and dispatchable grid integration for photovoltaic systems
5. Simulating the energy yield of bifacial photovoltaic modules installed on carports or canopies
6. Dynamic and visual simulation of bifacial energy gain for photovoltaic plants
7. Implementation and Test of an IEC 61850-Based Automation Framework for the Automated Data Model Integration of DES (ADMID) into DSO SCADA
8. Global-local analysis of cost-optimal onshore wind turbine configurations considering wind classes and hub heights
9. Quantifying Performance Loss Rates of Photovoltaic Modules Using Ground-Based vs Satellite-Based Meteorological Data
10. State-of-Play and Emerging Challenges in Photovoltaic Energy Yield Simulations: A Multi-Case Multi-Model Benchmarking Study
11. Automated data integration of residential and commercial PV systems into DSO SCADA utilising IEC 61850 compliant comprehensive data model
12. Extreme weather in Spain ‘highlights need for interconnected European grid’, Solargis says
13. Implementation of Ray Tracing Rendering Technique for Improved Solar Radiation Modeling of Bifacial PV Modules
14. Bifacial Energy Gain of Photovoltaic Arrays Installed on Highly Reflective Rooftops
15. Key parameters for the simulation of agrivoltaics in greenhouses with bifacial PV modules
16. A Solar PV Profitability Study as a Function of Wholesale Market Price Variation Patterns
17. Flexible Operation of Electrolysis under Local Conditions and its Impact on the Medium Voltage Grid – A Study Case of an Industrial Area in the City of Ulm
18. How Does the Use of Satellite-Derived Insolation Data Impact the Accuracy of Performance Ratio Estimates?
19. A crowdsourced dataset of aerial images with annotated solar photovoltaic arrays and installation metadata
20. Experimental Performance Evaluation of a PV-Powered Center-Pivot Irrigation System for a Three-Year Operation Period
21. Role of Solar Photovoltaics for a Sustainable Energy System in Puerto Rico in the Context of the Entire Caribbean Featuring the Value of Offshore Floating Systems
23. Concept and implementation of a grid simulation framework utilizing containerized IEC 61850 compatible IED
22. Demonstration of a concept for the data management and monitoring of larger-scale DER utilizing a time-series database
23. Evaluation of the bifaciality coefficient of bifacial photovoltaic modules under real operating conditions


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