March 24, 2021 - LAUNCH of SERENDI-PV

Start of the SERENDI-PV project

Read the initial press release of SERENDI-PV. 

- The launch of new project Serendi PV to advance the energy transformation in Europe

- Consortium of 19 partners from R&D and industry involved

- SERENDI-PV project funded by the European Commission

SERENDI-PV, one of the newest projects looking to advance the renewable energy transformation in Europe, began this October. SERENDI-PV is a four-year and 12 million Euro budget project aiming to improve (1) lifetime, reliability, performance and profitability of PV generation; (2) high-penetration of the PV generation in the grids with improved stability.

For the first objective, the project proposes innovations on advanced PV modelling, simulation, and design tools. This also includes improving monitoring data analytics for fault-diagnostic and improved O&M, lab and field-testing Quality Control (QC) equipment and procedures for better assessment of the reliability of PV components and systems.

For the second objective, SERENDI-PV will pave the way towards higher PV penetration through a better understanding of the PV installed capacity, smart digital models for energy and services communication exchange between system stakeholders. To do this, the project will advance the development of mid-term, short-term forecasting, and nowcasting for PV system aggregations, new business models for PV added revenue, and the creation of a collaborative platform for modelling, data analytics, QC, databases and grid integration.

The innovations will be developed with particular attention to the new PV applications that are becoming increasingly relevant on the market, such as bifacial PV, floating PV and BIPV.

These efforts ceremoniously began on October 13th and 14th during the SERENDI-PV Kick-Off Meeting, when 19 partners from seven different countries, and covering the whole value chain of PV sector gathered virtually to discuss the future of this innovative initiative. The project’s value chain includes R&D centers and Universities specialized; technology manufacturers for inverters, energy storage and for power control and operation; PV plant operators that will provide portfolios of small, medium scale and large PV plants; DSO; PV engineers, consultants and ICT developers. The project is divided into multidisciplinary teams focusing on advancing specific aspects and objectives of the project taking advantage of experts from different sectors of the value chain.

The SERENDI-PV consortium will officially launch its website in early 2021, where readers can find the latest news, results and events related to the project. In the meantime, check out the hashtag #SerendiPV on social media for info on this new and exciting project.

Please contact SERENDI-PV Coordinating Partner Javier del Pozo (Tecnalia) for more project information and Duygu Celik (WIP Renewable Energies) for press relations. 

Javier del Pozo

Duygu Celik

The SERENDI PV project has received funding from the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement ​No. 953016

Kicking Off Smooth, Reliable and Dispatchable Integration of PV in EU Grids

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